Setting up a website on a free template

A template (or "темплейт" in Russian) is a C++ language feature required for encoding generic algorithms without tying them to specific parameters. Based on a specific template, you can create the website you desire. You can choose a particular template, and after working on it, you become the owner of a website with a predefined design.

You can find free website templates online or obtain them for a nominal fee, meaning you pay money for the right to use them.

Installing your website on a free template can significantly save money, which is especially important for a beginner project, for example.

You can, of course, install your site on a selected template by yourself. However, when turning to the specialists at PurpleLabs, you will receive a high-quality website installed on a pre-defined template.

Using a free template is an excellent solution for those with limited time and a small budget for website creation. In a short period and for a small fee, you will achieve a quality result.

Setting up a website on a free template