Website backup

A variety of problems may occur in the operation of your web resource: failures, incorrect actions of site administrators, hacker attacks, etc., which can significantly worsen the condition of the site and undermine its performance. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on high-quality recovery of lost data and the normal functioning of the site.

In order to avoid such waste of time and effort, PurpleLabs offers you a simple solution - a special script to create a backup (backup) of the site.

Backup (backup) of the site is the copied databases, site files, mail, FTP accounts, etc., which ensure the viability of your site and are its important components. In case, for some reason, the site malfunctioned and data was lost, you can always use the saved data and restore everything.

Our script aimed at creating a backup (backup) of the site will save you a lot of trouble getting your site back up and running. Take advantage of this opportunity and make your life easier!

Website backup system