Content management system
In the world of web design, the concept of “content management system (content), which is most often called CMS (eng. Content management system), is widespread.

CMS is understood as a special information system or software that is necessary to organize the work of creating, editing and managing content (that is, the content of any website).

CMS is necessary in order to:

create content for the site, work together on it (for example, if your site has several administrators), delete it if necessary;
manage the content of the resource, namely, store it, control it, organize the access mode, manage the flow of documents;
publish content on the site for viewing by users;
present information in a convenient form for navigation and search.
Over the decades of hard work, web developers have come up with many well-known and not so well-known varieties of content management systems. Everyone knows such CMS as, for example, Joomla, Wordpress, DataLifeEngine and many others.

Our design studio has not remained aloof from this process and has developed its own content management system, on the basis of which our company's website, as well as the websites of many of our clients, is made.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with some of the features of the system. The main sections of our CMS:

1. The "Events" section reflects the main events related to the operation of the CMS (login, logout, password change, incorrectly typed password, etc., indicating logins, as well as the date and time of each operation).

2. The "Products" section contains information about the products that your company sells. In this section, you can add the name of the product, its main characteristics, photo, as well as the quantity, location (if you have several points of sale), etc.

3. Section "Content" - this section contains all content (news, articles, videos, pictures, etc.). Everything entered in this section will be reflected on the website in a strictly defined place.

4. The "Notes" section allows the user to record any necessary information and save it in the system's memory.

5. The "Administrators (settings)" section allows you to define specific settings, give access to new administrators with the separation of their logins and passwords, etc.

6. The “Sliders” section controls the placement of sliders on the site.

8. The “Reviews” section moderates user reviews of products.

Section titles can be different and change as needed. In addition, depending on the wishes of the customer, other sections (“News”, “Categories”, etc.) can be easily added to our CMS. In any case, a site made on the basis of our content management system turns out to be interesting and functional, unlike other sites. With our software, both simple small sites and original sites with a large set of design "chips" are excellent.

Everyone who orders a site based on our software product - CMS of our own design, receives a number of benefits, such as:

original memorable website of your company;
affordable price of the system;
constant support of the system and the site, consulting on all emerging issues;
very clear program interface, etc.
By choosing our content management system you will not regret it, and cooperation with us will bring you continuous positive!

A demo version of the content management system can be found here (login demo password demo ).