Logging of all actions of site users
Any site owner is always interested in what the user is doing on his site: which pages are the most interesting and which are absolutely useless, which links are the most “clickable”, etc. In addition, user actions help to identify vulnerabilities and site vulnerabilities that cause a variety of problems for users.

Tracking the actions of users in our computer age is not a myth, but a completely existing reality. For this, logging is used.

PurpleLabs specialists offer you a new product - logging of all events and requests created by site users. Logging will help you in solving a wide variety of tasks related to your web resource:
  • You will be able to detect vulnerabilities in the script;
  • You will be able to simplify website debugging;
  • You will see real sources of Internet traffic and browsers used by users;
  • You will be able to identify users with changed name and email data who visited your site;
  • You will evaluate the frequency of visiting bots on a web resource;
  • It will be easier for you to trace the path of the user through the site;
  • You will see the IP address of any user who visited your site.
As you can see, logging all events and requests will answer many questions about your site and help develop it in the right direction!
Website actvity loggier