News poster
If your site is built using CMS Joomla, Wordpress, Alto CMS, Cogear, Contao, Cotonti, DataLifeEngine, Drupal, ImageCMSCorporate, Host CMS, MaxSiteCMS, MODX, MosquitoBloodyMary, ReloadCMS or our own content management system, then our company has for you great offer. We invite you to take advantage of a new opportunity - our news poster.

The task of a news poster is to automatically select and place topical news and other relevant content on your website. In this case, only news from open resources is used.

This way of posting news on the site, like a news poster, will significantly save your time. After all, you or your employees will no longer need to select suitable news, and then post them on the required site - the smart system will do everything for you!

Even though the site will be filled with content using a special program, and not a person, you will not notice the difference. After all, a smart program will analyze the news very carefully and select exactly those that are suitable for the subject of your website.

Fill your site with a smart news poster and you won't regret it!
News poster