Generator sitemap.xml for website
PurpleLabs offers its clients a wide range of web design and related services. So, for example, we offer our clients a useful script with which you can generate a map of any site (sitemap). Having a sitemap is essential for any effective website.

With the help of search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.), users who enter a search query get to your site. In order for the search engine to know the addresses of all pages of your site, you need to create a sitemap.

Our special sitemap generator in a very short period of time will qualitatively generate a complete document in xml format. This file is required for recognition by search robots, and not for reading by people, so the information in it is provided in encrypted form.

After uploading such an xml-document to the root of your site, you will ensure fast high-quality indexing of all pages.

With a useful sitemap generator script from PurpleLabs, any search engine will quickly index all your pages, which means it will bring visitors to you faster.
Website map generator